Biomaser 1R Cartridge Needles


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Biomaser 1R Cartridge Needles

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  • BIOMASER needles fit all BIOMASER Machines. One point needle procedures: eyebrows, lips, eyeliners. 10 PCS.
  • 1R – 0.18 NANO is our thinnest biomaser needle.
  • Perfect for delicate Hairstrokes and very thin eyeliner. We recommend to use this needles on clients with very thin and delicate, sensitive skin. (Fitzpatrick scale 1,2 or 6; clients that are older or clients with sensitive eyes or easy bruising skin).
  • 1R – 0.20, 1R – 0.25 NANO: very delicate hairstrokes and thin eyeliners).
  • 1R – 0.30 perfect multi use for all PMU procedures such as eyebrows,lip blush, lip contour, eyeliner.
  • 1R – 0.40, 1R – 0.50 perfect for all PMU procedures for clients with thicker skin and lager pores.
  • Needles for larger body areas are also available in stock such as: body/scar camouflage, areola, skin Microneedling.
  • 3R; 5R; 7R; 3F; 4F; 5; 7F; 3SF; 4SF; 5SF; 5MG; 7MG; 12P; PRICE: $40- $150. Contact our office for questions and more information.

Biomase Needle

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Weight 0.18 oz
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 2.5 cm
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1R – 0.18 NANO needle, 1R – 0.20 NANO needle, 1R – 0.25 NANO needle, 1R – 0.30 needle, 1R – 0.40 needle, 1R – 0.50 needle


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