Organic Goochie Lip Pigments


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Organic Goochie Lip Pigments



Organic Goochie Lip Pigments

Plant essence pigments with jojoba oil. This beautiful lip collection has 16 color choices.
These pigments are so smooth and silky that skin application couldn’t be easier. The Jojoba oil also moistens lips at the same time. Dina’s favorite lip pigments for all of her famous lip techniques.

Color Options:
Scarlet, Salmon pink, Peachpuff, Japanese red, Chinese red, Fuchsine, Magenta, Rubine, Vermeil, Dark red, Wine red, Fuchsia, Rosy pink, Dark pink, Coral pink, and Rouge red.
NOTE: Use ORANGE BASE: “ 305 Salmon pink, 308 Chinese red, and 318 Vermeil” – to correct hyperpigmented (dark) lips.


Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2.5 cm
Lip Pigments

303 Scarlet, 305 Salmon Pink, 306 Peachpuff, 307 Japanese Red, 308 Chinese Red, 312 Fuchsine, 316 Magenta, 317 Rubine, 318 Vermeil, 319 Dark Red, 320 Wine Red, 321 Fuchsia, 335 Rosy Pink, 336 Dark Pink, 337 Coral Pink, 338 Rouge Red


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