Dina Richardson Training is proud to offer a brand new class – Permanent Makeup Course

Our intensive 3 zone Permanent Makeup course is the most extensive, detailed PMU course available anywhere. Student’s have options to take six day hands on training or a four day training in a small group of 4 students. This training course does not require any PMU experience. It is a 4-6 day, hands-on training course with a small group of 4 students. Two separate certificates will be given at the end of this course.

We are proud to be one of the most successful PMU Clinics in the country and would like to share our years of experience and knowledge with our students!
Permanent Makeup Course - MICROBLADING

We understand that just because you have a “Certificate of Completion” it does not mean you will feel comfortable opening and running a Permanent Makeup business of your own! We have designed a special training program specifically to make our students ready for their own shops. Our students will get a full experience with real clients. We train in small groups of four (4) and teach you how things will work in real life! You will experience Dina working with her own clients, reviewing medical forms, answering client questions, evaluating skin conditions and watching Dina design her famous virtual eyebrows on her clients, Dina’s selling secret. Our training program will teach students all aspects of the PMU business and not just how to deposit color into the skin.

Permanent Makeup Course

Our Permanent Makeup class provides the following supplies:

  • Permanent Makeup manual written by Dina Richardson, designed by Ryskul Mammedali.
  • Permanent makeup exercise book created and designed by Dina Richardson & Ryskul Mammedali.
  • Smart, digital PMU Derma machine. Designed for medical procedures & 3 separate PMU zones. (Brows,Lips,Eyes)
  • 100 cartridge needles (Six day course)
  • 50 cartridge needles ( four day course)
  • Plant based pigments ( 5 pcs)
  • Professional waterproof eyebrow pencil
  • Professional waterproof eyeliner pencils
  • Professional waterproof white pencils for lip procedures
  • Stainless steel symmetry measuring tool

– All listed supplies are intake supplies.
– During the training we provide our students with all necessary equipment and supplies for the class training and hands on training.

Our Permanent Makeup training program will include:

  • What is micropigmentation?
  • History of Micropigmentation
  • Color theory… Why is it so important?
  • Methods for choosing color
  • Fitzpatrick scale
  • Skin undertone
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin anatomy
  • The face
  • Math, symmetry & beauty
  • What is beauty?
  • Shapes of the face
  • Brow anatomy
  • Brow mapping
  • The eyebrows
  • Lips anatomy
  • Eye anatomy
  • Needle theory
  • Needle configuration and patterns
  • Needle size
  • Needle depth
  • Pigment: organic vs. Inorganic
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Aseptic workstation
  • Bloodborne pathogen’s
  • Bacteria
  • Cross contamination
  • Disinfection
  • Autoclave• Sterilization • Waste
  • Infection
  • Needle stick protocol
  • Virus
  • Standard Precautions
  • Topical anesthetics
  • Clients. Who is a candidate for PMU
  • Red flags
  • Photography. How to take best pictures for your portfolio.
  • Patient management:
    – Conversation with client
    – Client consultation
    – Client preparation for procedure
  • Client forms: pre-procedure recommendations
  • 3 zone medical history forms, 3 zone aftercare instructions, contract and consent forms.
  • Nano application & when it’s used.
  • Pixel application & when it’s used.
  • Differences between vertical and horizontal applications. How and when you should apply each? What are the differences it will make, in the face, once applied?
    • Affects of the aging process on PMU and how to avoid “aging skin” related mistakes.
    • Depth and application. What is the correct depth in PMU?
    • Correct skin stretch for each zone.
    • Hands on procedure, step by step
    • Intake and patient forms:
      – Pre-appointment form
      – Medical history form
      – Before care form
      – After care form
      – Consent form
  • Business model and protocol:
    – How to start and run a successful office


  • We require a $150 non refundable deposit to hold your spot in a small group of 3-4 students. Remaining balance must be payed two weeks prior your class.
  • We accept deposits and payments over the phone during business hours Monday-Friday or in person.
  • After we receive full payment we will mail your study manuals with our exercise book designed by Dina Richardson.
  • We will provide you with directions for what to do with your manuals and how to complete your exercises during the two weeks prior to you starting your class.


• It is very important for all of our future students to follow study instructions that will be provided to you before the class.

• Please note, this is a very intensive course.  Every student must be prepared and complete muscle memory exercises before the class. They are essential to the student’s success in transitioning to a digital machine. Students who are not prepared, not only fall behind, but interrupt the training of other students in the class.

As a licensed school it is important for us to provide the best experience not only for our students but for the live models as well.